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t.A.T.u. in worldwide press
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СообщениеДобавлено: Вс Ноя 25, 2007 2:33 pm    Заголовок сообщения: Old Articles Ответить с цитатой

Here you can put in old articels about tatu..

here is my first

Introduce yourself
Julia: a kiss to everyone from Julia
Lena: Hi, I'm Lena

How do you describe yourself?
Julia: I'm a bit impudent, smart, but also sweet and fond
Lena: Sweet, sometimes sad, a bit melodramatic

What do you do usually, as soon as you wake up?
Julia: Mm, I don't know if I can tell it...
Lena: I spend hours stroking my cat, Freddy

What do you eat at breakfast?
Julia: Bread and butter and honey, coffee, orange juice
Lena: Brioches with jam, hot milk and some biscuits

After the breakfast, how your day go on usually?
Julia: If I don't have to work I spend it writing songs and poems in the morning, walking in the daytime and in the evening with friends
Lena: In the morning I like listen to music, then I surf the Net, I check the mail , I go out and usually I come back home at dinner. Sometimes I go out with Julia and we walk around together

What's your favourite food?
Julia: Smoked salmon
Lena: A slice of bread and butter and caviar

And your favourite sweet?
Julia: Cream ice-cream with strawberrys
Lena: Chocolate Sacher cake

Your favourite drink?
Julia: Cuba libre
Lena: Red wine, but also coffee!

Favourite sport?
Julia: To swim
Lena: Dancing, even if it isn't a sport. I don't like sports, usually, are things for males ()

What's your favourite band in this moment?
Julia: I admire the professionalism of Shakira and Christina Aguilera
Lena: I like Madonna very much

What's your favourite movie you saw recently?
Julia: X-Men 2
Lena: The Matrix Reloaded

What do you read usually?
Julia: I don't read very much. Sometimes some magazine: usually fashion or travels magazine
Lena: I love Russians writers, for example Dostoevskij, Goncarov and Tolstoj

When was the last time you took the bus?
Julia: About one and half year ago
Lena: Well, I haven't taken it from a long time ago, I don't remember when was the last time

The 5 indispensable things for a good evening at home
Julia: Vodka , music, friends, candles and carpets
Lena: Cheerfulness, friendship, love, guitar and food

The 5 worst things of the world
Julia: War, hunger, poverty, sexual abuse, exploitation of children
Lena: Poverty, death penalty, hunger in Africa, the war, terrorism

If you weren't a singer...
Julia: I'd be a dancer or a writer, I think
Lena: I'd be perhaps a veteranarian.

What's better, to be famous or unknown?

Julia: It's good to be famous, people stop you and ask you autographs, but also to be unknown has advantages
Lena: I'm not so much famous, however it's good when people stops you and you discover that they know everything about you

What celebrity would you like to sing with?
Julia: among women Jennifer Lopez , among men Gavin Rossdale of Bush
Lena: Justin Timberlake

What's the strangest place where did you make love?
Julia: In a car
Lena: It was not strange, but romantic... in a beach, at night

What's your biggest fear?
Julia: The fear to be not able to express myself
Lena: The fear to remain closed in a dark and cold house and to not be albe to go out because all the doors are blocked from outside

What's the worst work have you ever done?
Julia: The waitress in a restaurant in Russia
Lena: The telephone operator in a call-center

And the best work have you ever done?
Julia: To sing
Lena: I still have to find it, for now I like what I do with Julia

What would you never do in your life?
Julia: Boring works for example the bank clerk, the underwriter or works like this
Lena: I think the prostitute, it must be so dreadful to lose the sense of the love

What's the person who creates you more problems?
Julia: The one who doesn't tell me things to my face. I appreciate the sincerity
Lena: The one who hurts me only for the fun of it and to impose himself/herself on me

What's the biggest effort have you ever done?
Julia: I don't know, I face up to the effort with the consciousness that it's a strain to get better, so it doesn't weigh on me
Lena: To become a t.A.T.u.

What's the personal tragedy that marked you more?
Julia: Luckily till now no one
Lena: The death of a my dear uncle, two years ago. It was the first time I understood that we aren't forever

If you were a super-hero, what would be your super-power?
Julia: To travel on the ice and to create in front of me bridges and streets on that I can only go
Lena: Without doubt to transform in flowers weapons of bad enemies

And if you were God for a week, what would you do? (this question remembers me the movie with Jim Carrey and Jennifer Aniston - Claire)
Julia: I'd talk with all the persons explaining them another time what is right and what is wrong, and how they have to live to go in Heaven
Lena: I'd resolve earth's problems, then I'd eliminate a part of things that doesn't work and at last I'd put to govern some man wiser

What do you put in your suitcase when you travel?
Julia: A lot of cds, sunglasses, various knid of shoes, blouses, clothings
Lena: Blouses, shoes, skirts, cds, jackets, perfumes and camera

What do you miss when you are far from home?
Julia: Actually, I'm fine everywhere I go
Lena: A bit my friends

Would you like to be in the next space shuttle leaving?
Julia: Yes
Lena: Yes

Julia: Because I'd like to see the Earth and the space
Lena: Because to flying in the space has always been my dream since I was child

What or who is the biggest threat to the world peace?
Julia: George W. Bush and his men
Lena: The poverty originated from the greed of rich men

What do you think about Julia/Lena?
Julia: Beautiful and very good singer and friend
Lena: She is my great friend, she is wonderful.

Translation by Claire.

Strange interview...doesn't sounds like tatu....yulia likes coffee??..
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СообщениеДобавлено: Вс Ноя 25, 2007 5:53 pm    Заголовок сообщения: Ответить с цитатой

cool interview... Thanks mate =)


I'm a refugee, I live in my heart... Not a captive, never a slave.. I live on my own...
I'm a refugee, in fact there's no boundary in here, no win - no lose.. There's no bigger power than this power...
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СообщениеДобавлено: Вс Ноя 25, 2007 7:28 pm    Заголовок сообщения: Ответить с цитатой

What's your favourite food?
Julia: Smoked salmon

Same for me!! Craving
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СообщениеДобавлено: Вс Ноя 25, 2007 8:16 pm    Заголовок сообщения: Ответить с цитатой

what drink is " cuba libre" ? :S.. i dunno that..

it is no sound very much liek t.A.T.u. yea.. or, i dunno :/

haha,, Lena fear.. oh yeah :p scary scary ^^.

love it, thx for posting here Wink.
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СообщениеДобавлено: Вс Ноя 25, 2007 8:22 pm    Заголовок сообщения: Ответить с цитатой

Next articel:

In germany...both confirm that they are lesbians during the interview(I saw it with my own eyes;-)

"Simply because we love each other..." - t.A.T.u. on VIVA Interaktiv (June 12, 2003)
Time of publication: 18.06.2003
L: Lena
Y: Yulia
-M: Mola Adebisi


Y: Hi.
L: Hi.
-M: Are you both feeling fine?
Y: Yes, everything is fine. :)
-M: Is this your first trip to Germany?
L: No.
Y: No, this is not our first trip to Germany, we've been here many times before.
-M: Do you like it?
Y: Yes, very much.
-M: What's the biggest difference between Germany and Russia?
Y: The biggest difference? I don't think it's too different. The only different thing is that there are very good people here with us whom we love very much. They help us a lot with concert organisation and a lot of different things. I want to send them big thank you's... to Lyonechka, Tilichka... our best friends in Germany.
L: ...Senechka, Verochka... (All these names end with -chka to make them sound more gentle - Elf)
Y: Yes, all these people create a good atmosphere for us and these good feelings grow and flourish. :)
-M: Are the fans in Russia different from the fans in Germany?
Y: Well, of course, people are not the same, everyone is his/her own... (German translator: "Everyone is a bit different from others.") Y: But we wanna thank them because they exist, love us and are with us.
-M: You are a group... (Long pause.) ...that generates many rumours. Now you get the chance - on a live show - to clear up the one rumour that gets on your nerves the most.
L: Nothing/no one can get on our nerves.
Y: We probably irritate other people a lot more. :)
L: We like to play on others' nerves... (Evil grin.)
-M: You like to get on other people's nerves? (Smiles.) Are you provocative?
L: We don't know. I think we are not to judge [ourselves]. We are who we are.
-M: Aha. (Pause.) How is it with you and... (Interrupted because of Lena laughing.)
L: (Laughing as he speaks) (I think at translation - Elf)
-M: (Confused and talks to the audience.) Did I make a joke? Do you have a question? Why are you raising your arm? Just like that?
L: No, everything is fine, everything is ok. Don't worry... everything is fine
-M: For God's sake, I'm not worried at all. I'm fine, I'm fine.
Y: Just relax!! ;)
L: Relax!
Y: We are just like you! (She used Russian slang so that's not the exact translation - Elf) (Translator: "We are very simple people, you can relax with us, it's all good.")
L: (Laughing.) (Probably at Yulia's words.)
-M: What do you do in your leisure time?
Y: We try to spend this time with our parents, friends, and close people. (German translator: "...just to be with the people we love.") We go to the cinema...
-M: Last movie you saw?
L: Oy.
Y: "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days"
-M:: (To Lena.) And you?
L: I don't remember...
-M: Aah, come on... Favourite actor?
Y: (To Lena.) Come on, my girlie, come on!
L: Favorite actor? I don't have one. I like a lot of actors and actresses. I simply cannot name one. They all do great jobs...
-M: For example? At least name a genre...
Y: Brad Pitt... Yea, Brad Pitt.
-M: You like Brad Pitt? Okay, cool.
-M: The genre of movies. Do you prefer comedies, thrillers, documentaries, dramas?
L: Dramas, horror movies, comedies, historical movies...
-M: (Unintelligible - I think he might have said: "You like horror movies?" - xena225)
Y: Lenka, Underground entrance to the attic. (Is that a movie? - Elf) (The translator came up with: "We must check the attic then.")
L: (Laughing out loud.)
Y: "Dead people don't sweat" - there something like that there (Laughing.)
-M: I did not get that. Let's have the first caller. Hi, who is it? (...) Valentina, what's your question for t.A.T.u.?
-Valentina: I wanted to ask...
Y: Yes?
-Valentina: ...if the two of them are really lesbians?
L: Of course!! Of course!! Did you even doubt that?
Y: Yes, We are REALLY lesbians. (With a funny voice and big eyes.)
-Valentina: Why? What?
L: Simply because we love each other... I guess.
-Valentina: I speak Russian.
-M: You speak Russian?
-Valentina: Yes.
-M: Then say something.
-Valentina: Hallo. (I think she didn't hear him well, but it was unintentionally funny - xena225)
Y: What did she say? What did she ask? (Probably wasn't translated.)
L: Well, I think that you have very vast knowledge of the Russian language.
-M: Speak Russian, come on, say something.
-Valentina: How are you doing, TATU? (Speaking Russian.)
Y: Good!
-M: What does that mean? Ah. Wonderful. Do you learn Russian at school?
-Valentina: No. It's my nationality. I am already born-- (People crack up because of the wording.)
-M: In Russia?
-Valentina: Yes.
Y: Are you also a lesbian?
-Valentina: No.
-M: She is only thirteen.
Y: Then why are you asking such questions?
L: And why are you not lesbian? (Sounds a little disappointed - Elf)
-Valentina: I don't know.
-M: She doesn't have any sex yet. Stop! Protection of minors in Germany, stop! Whether you are Russian or not, you're 13. You live in Germany, right?
-Valentina: Mm-hmm.
-M: Good. Perfect. Then let's stop here. You get the latest t.A.T.u. single which is lying in the front over there. The girls will autograph it - and have a nice day now!
-Valentina: Can they put "For Valentina" on it?
-M: I'll ask them, I'm sure they'll do it.
-Valentina: Can I get an autograph from you as well?
-M: It would be my pleasure to do that.
-Valentina: Thank you. Thank you to VIVA one more time for putting me through. -M: No problem. Any time. Bye!
-Valentina: Bye!
L: No problem, Valechka.
-M: Now an e-mail question: Liz wants to know when the next album will be released.
Y: We just started working on our new album. But we got a little carried away with Europe and America.... Not leaving a lot for Russia... But anyway, we are... (German is too loud here - Elf) German translation: "But Russia is always very important to us, and we are recording it and hope it will be released soon."
-M: Do you have a tentative release date? How many songs have been written?
Y: I think... maybe this Fall... closer to Winter.
-M: Differences regarding the music? Can we expect something new, the sound maybe, a ballad?
L: Of course it's going to be something new.
Y: I think it's going to be something in between Rock and Trance. We are not going to give away the details but I think the second album is going to be very different compared to the first one.
-M: Aren't you scared that t.A.T.u. fans will miss the sound, if you change the musical direction too much?
Y: No, they are not going to miss anything, they will have twice as much of everything. (The way Yulia said it, the second part sounded very close to "we are going to bug them twice as much", that's why Lena laughed - Elf)
-M: That's a good explanation. Another e-mail. Rainer: Hello t.A.T.u., do you have dates for the postponed German concerts yet, or have they been cancelled?
Y: We want to say that tomorrow we are going to give a concert in Bonn. We want to invite everybody, all our fans, all the people who just listen to us, and all the rest.
L: We invite all to our concert. I think the more people we have, the better.
Y: ...the more oxygen (Yulia rephrased a standard russian joke "the more people, the less oxygen [for them to breath]" :) - Elf)
L: ...so everything is going to be super...
-M: Yup, all t.A.T.u. fans will be there. Why don't you tell all people who haven't been to a t.A.T.u. concert, what to expect.
L: For those who weren't there, let them come and see! We are not going to give away anything - it's a secret, a huge secret. :) Those who come to our concerts know what I'm talking about.
Y: I think a lot of people get satisfaction from our concerts.
L: Certainly.
Y: We can simply come out and stand there... (Too loud German - Elf) German translation: "We can come out, have a drink together, and the energy - that's what counts."
-M: Wonderful. Perfect. We'll give away some tickets later. If you have questions for t.A.T.u., let's hear them. (Gives phone and fax numbers, and e-mail addy)


:Applause: [Camera goes to audience.] (Girls look a little upset after that - Mola says "Later, please" in a pleading way. I have the suspicion they wanted to leave and he asked them to stay, but who knows?)
-M: Are you a bookworm?
Y: I like magazines.
-M: Do you read all the articles that are written about you? Do you keep track of that or don't you care any more?
Y: Well, we don't really read them. People tell us about them. We simply can't buy all these magazines with articles about us.
L: I like books, I don't read magazines at all.
-M: What kind of books?
L: Very different [books]... mostly classic literature, sometimes... love stories, novels, everything. I love reading.
-M: Well, you have a little time on the tour bus, but otherwise there really isn't much time left with the kind of schedule you have.
(Mola takes the mike, Yulia starts to grin.)
-M: What's up? (Yulia points down there...) (Hmmm very sexy :) - Elf)
-M: No, that's a microphone.
L: Very convenient, very convenient... to masturbate!
-M: (To Yulia.) You know what you are? (He uses a slang word here, hard to translate, it's in the sense of "you are a naughty girl" - xena225) ... (To Lena) Not to masturbate - it's a microphone.
Y: By the way, tell him that it fits him. :)
L: (Laughing.)
Y: Yeah, this is better.
(Mola brings the mike there.)
L: No, not here... (Gesticulating.) ...there. (Pause.) Behind you.
-M: Like that? No. That's Ibo. (The guy in the red t-shirt from the audience. Mola had been making fun of him throughout the entire show, because he had admitted to still being a virgin.) What's your question, Ibo?
-Ibo: Ehhm, aahm...
L: Aww... he got embarassed... my God.. poor boy. (Empathically.) (Lena looks soo cute when saying that - Elf)
-M: Sweet, huh? He is a virgin, by the way. And he wanted to ask if you could help him?
L: Is he a virgin? Does he need to lose his virginity?
-Ibo: Yes, if you want. (Everyone laughs.)
L: Look at all the cute guys around you, ask somebody - they'll help you.
(Everyone laughing out loud and applauding.)
-Ibo: No, I'm hetero.
-M: Too late. Too late.
-Q from a guy in the audience: Are you still attracted to men?
Y: We are interested, We are interested...
L: Depends on the company...
-Q from a girl in green t-shirt: Why do you think that you are very popular in Germany? (Speaking Russian.)
L: What?
(The girl repeats the question.)
L: Wow, it's Russian!
Y: We are popular everywhere!
-M: Why do you speak Russian? Are you Russian?
-Girl: Yes.
-M: Dumb question, huh?
Girl: (Grins.) Yes.
-M: Hm, okay. Cool.
(Shy guy from audience asks how they handle stage-fright. Before the little girl in Green can translate the question, Lena and Yulia already say: "We never have stagefright.")
L: (To Yulia.) What's wrong with this Bravo magazine?
Y: The man in white sweater, [take a look at this]. (Showing a naked man in the BRAVO mag.)
L: These magazines...
(Mola tries to grab the mag, and Yulia screams. He repeats the slang expression from earlier, meaning Yulia is being naughty. "Another caller! Hello?")
-Girl on the phone: Privet! ("Hello!")
L: Aww, she speaks Russian. Hello.
Y: Hello!!
-M: Good afternoon. (In Russian.)
L: Ohhh..
-The girl: (Tries to speak Russian.) I have one... Mmm... I don't know.
Y: That's it, she forgot it.
-The girl: Why didn't you give a concert in Berlin? (In Russian.)
L: In Bern? Oh, in Berlin?! Well I think that everything is yet to come and next time we will do it for sure.
-The girl: Very good!
L: But we have a concert in Bonn tomorrow, so come there.
(Mola takes away Yulia's mag which she had been enjoying for so long. Lena laughs; Yulia, instead of replying takes out a marker and is about to write on the table. Luckily, the guy understands that one should not mess with Russians (especially with Yulia) and gives her the mag back! [lol - Elf])
-M: So, come to Bonn. We will definitely send you the new t.A.T.u. single.
-Girl: Super.
-M: Perfect. Have fun with it. Ciao!
L: Uh... you are generous!! You give her presents already?!
(Mola doesn't understand what she's saying as he was reading something on his sheet. The translator explains it to him.)
-M: No, every caller gets a CD.
L: No, we want to say that... aah... (Looking at what Yulia's writing.) Wow, good job..
Y: (Yulia showing the Bravo with "TATY. Fuck War." written on it.) Where is your large view?
(The translator starts to giggle when he reads what Yulia wrote on the cover of the mag.)
-M: Why are you laughing, translator? Better tell me what it says.
L: "Fuck off, war."
-M: You've got a t-shirt with the same sign. I recognized it. All the Russians are cracking up, and us... (meaning - we couldn't get the joke)?! Nobody except for Vitaly can laugh about that.
(Yulia takes the marker and tries to draw on him.)
-M: Oh nononono, hehehe.
Y: He-he-he he-he-he. (Mimicking Mola.)
(Everyone laughs.)
-M: I'm bigger and stronger than you.
Y: I'm stronger!!!
-M: You wanna arm-wrestle?
L: You think you can fight with two little girls?
-M: You haven't heard about us black guys, have you? That's something different than Russians.
L: Consider yourself dead.
-M: Don't start something you can't finish.
Y: We are not afraid of anything, especially me. :)
L: Don't even try to scare us
-M: We're going to go backstage for an hour... Ibo takes over the show. No, unfortunately I have to work.
L: Come, come to us and take a boy with you... choose a boy that you like and come.
(Mola screaming Ibo's name.)
L: Look, we are now going to teach you; you do this... (Turning him around.) ...then this... (Bending him.) ...and finally this!! (Mal'chik gay movement!!) (lol - Elf)
(The guy starts walking away really embarassed.)
L: Come sit here, don't be afraid, we won't eat you.
(Yulia takes the marker and tries to write on Ibo.)
(Mola gets scared and tries to get the marker: "No!")
Y: Yes!!
L: (Says something indescernible.)
(Everybody's laughing.)
-M: She is an incredible little woman...
Y: Give me, give me that.
(Lena has the marker now.)
L: I'm going to masturbate with it!!
-M: Don't masturbate here on television.
Y: It's all because of you!
L: It's your fault!
Y: It's your fault!
L: Yes.
-M: It's all my fault? Ibo here will probably lick it clean for you.
Y: Aaaa... (Laughing.)
L: Ibo apparently decided to go along with the microphone, instead of a boy. (Haha - Elf)
Y: The boy is probably aiming there...
L: (To Ibo.) Okay, don't worry, everything is fine.
-M: I have a feeling this interview is getting out of control here...
-Ibo: Yeah, a little - like it did with Stefan Raab yesterday (TV Total show).
-M: Okay, let's have a short break here. Then we'll see your "cult present" (every guest brings a present to this show - xena225). Do you know Daniel Kьblbцck? (He is the second runner-up of "German Superstar" - very polarizing, people either love or hate him - xena225)
L: No.
Y: No.
-M: Was there something like Pop Idol in Russia?
L: I only know TicTacToe. (Famous German girl group from the 90's - xena225)
Y: Lena is my Ideal. (My Idol??)
L: You're gonna turn off my microphone.
-M: Now. Did you get my question? What's your answer? Is there a contest in Russia where young people can perfom in order to become stars? Like Pop Idol in England, or German Superstar?
L: Yes, of course.
Y: Yes, of course.
(Mola continues to talk to the audience, mainly about the aforementioned Daniel Kьblbцck. That's why there is booing. As I said, the guy polarizes... - xena225)



::Cheers and Applause::
(Yulia puts one arm around the shoulders of the little girl in green, the other around Lena.)
-M: t.A.T.u. has a third member... No, this Faina (sp?) from Cologne, how old are you?
-Faina: Twelve.
-M: Twelve years old and will go to the concert in Bonn tomorrow. Well, I thought Faina is a big fan, she got two autographs already (on her arm). (To Ibo.) Will you go to the concert tomorrow?
-Ibo: I don't know if I have the time.
-M: You don't know if you have time. You're probably scared here, huh?
L: "No Time?" What do you mean?
-Ibo: No problem, I'd love to go.
-M: You'd love to go? Great, that's the way it has to be.
L: (To Ibo.) Come there, come there.
(Someone from the audience says something.)
-M: He has no tickets? He'll get tickets from us.
L: There are tickets, don't worry, there are tickets. (I couldn't really get the middle part - elf.) German translation: "There are still tickets at the box office".
-M: (Repeats it and reacts to an interjection from the audience.) If you want to see beautiful women like these, you have to pay for it. Only death is for free. (German proverb LOL - xena225).
Y: (Mumbling something to Lena.)
(Mola explains where to call to get concert tickets, they give away 10 prizes [two tickets each], then he says: "This is beautiful--[pointing to Lena, Yulia and Faina]--this liaison here [meaning the three of them sitting so close to each other].)
(Lena coughs, Mola says: "Bless you. It's even colder where you come from.")
L: Mm-hmm. (As in "yes".)
-M: Perfect. t.A.T.u. has brought a "cult present" for us. What is it? Where is it?
L: This is... Take her in your hands.
Y: Take her.
L: Now turn her like this. (Showing.)
Y: Now turn... Hold it... Ten, ten. (Disassembling the matryoshka.)
L: (To Yulia.) Give me... (To Mola.) Come on, take them all out.
Y: This translator is going to fly out of my ear. Ohhh!
-M: Do these "mamutchkas" have a special meaning? Where does it come from? Does it have a traditional background?
L: These are Russian matryoshkas.
Y: ...traditional...
L: ...souvenir. (Matryoshka is a very old Russian toy that became very closely associated with Russian culture and is commonly used as a gift - Elf)
L: We decided that it would be the best present.
-M: Yes, it's typically Russian.
L: Of course, of course... a lot of happiness and luck in everything.
-M: (Repeats what the translator said.) Happiness, success and all of that. These are cute. Here's another caller for you. Hello hello, who is it? (...) Franzi from Leipzig with a question for t.A.T.u.
-Franzi: What are you going to do after t.A.T.u.?
(Lena takes her time arranging the matryoshkas.)
Y: After t.A.T.u. ...I think... we haven't thought about it yet. We now have...
L: ...what we have...
Y: Yes. But in the future I want to become a producer.
(The translator made a mistake and said that Yulia wants to be on the radio.)
-M: So could you imagine yourself as a radio presenter? Would that be an alternative?
Y: I'm going to work as a producer/manager. Just as our producer created us, I will create my own projects. (This time the translator got it right.)
-M: Question answered?
-Franzi: And Lena?
L: I don't know yet... I'm going to be... I'm going to sing some more, then I'm going to be a psychologist...
Y: ...then I'm going to be a psycho-analyst...
L: ...then I'm going to be a psychologist and cure everybody, then I'm going to marry, have 2 kids, then I'll become a president and die. (She's making a cute funny face...)
Y: (Yulia is noticeably rolling her eyes and grinning LOL)
-Franzi: That doesn't sound bad.
-M: Then she's still got a lot do, huh?
L: (Lena laughs out loud.)
Y: It sounds like a fairy tale, doesn't it?
L: Fairy tale! Fairy tale, of course. :)
-M: She can carry out a lot of this, I think. Becoming president is a bit difficult, but she's famous enough, and Ronald Reagan was also an actor once.
L: I'm going to be the president of gay culture. (She smiles, then sticks her tongue out. ;))
Y: ...a psychiatrist of gay culture... (She laughs.)
L: Yes, yes, I'm going to cure...
-M: You don't need to cure them, I think they are quite happy.
L: Why - I'm going to cure drug addicts! (Grins mischievously.)
-M: That's a good idea. Ibo, say something.
-Ibo: What should I say?
L: (To Ibo.) Look in the camera! Look. The man is on TV for the first time today. Let's all support him! (Starts clapping.)
(Mola says goodbye to the caller [who wants to have an extra t.A.T.u. autograph]. While Yulia is making funny gestures at Lena, Mola tells Ibo that he (Ibo) is going to speak the final words on the show and explains everything he has to say.)
L: And then we are going home.
-M: And then we are all going home.

The End.

Translation/Transcription by xena225 and Elf.

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Woww Shock
Very interesting thing!
Of course ,i always knew that they were gays definitely, but why so denied in one interview that they were never.... and another interview taht were...so on... hm...
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deafgirl писал(а):
Woww :shock:
Very interesting thing!
Of course ,i always knew that they were gays definitely, but why so denied in one interview that they were never.... and another interview taht were...so on... hm...

Yes I also wonder about it....in this articel they also confirm to be lesbians

We Are Lesbians ("Maxim" Magazine - Poland)
Time of publication: 25.12.2002
Page 1 (text on black background)

17 year-old Julia Volkova (on the right) and 18 year-old Lena Katina come from Moscow. They met each other in a children's band. Not only are they a duo in their musical careers, but in their lives as well. Tatu conquered the hearts of the Russian youth; their record " 200 Po Vstriechnoy" sold million of copies in Russia alone. After several successes in Europe, Tatu signed a contract with Interscope Records, resounding off the praises of some 2 million dollars. They are now aiming to breakthrough in the States. The singles "Nas Ne Dogonyat" and " Ya Soshla S Uma", translated in English ("They're Not Gonna Get Us" and
"I'm Losing My Mind"), are now readying for the conquest of America.

Page 2

Two under-age lesbians started the next revolution in Russia, though this time in the music world. After selling millions of albums, they're moving on to conquer the world.
All signs say that they will be successful in this endeavor.


A task for me like any other--doing interviews. This time the ones in the spotlight are two young Russian girls. One named Julia and the other, Lena, are the members of Tatu. Their first single "Nas Ne Dogonyat" is a well made dance track, the rest is professionally made, but very primitive club music. That's about all I know about them. Oh... I forgot. Well, I should obviously begin with the fact that they claim to be lesbians and proudly underline this at every opportunity. Quite an excellent marketing gimmick. I wonder what people have to do to make a living these days. These past few days, Lena and Julia have been giving numerous interviews. Although, they don't look all that tired. Sure, small brunette Julia is a little bored, but Lena is like volcano, with a storm of devilish red locks and mischievous eyes. The girls are seated in a sofa, while I am invited to sit on the arm chair. Close by are several listeners, seated at a few tables. They are the girls' press team on their tour. Among them is their manager who greets me like we were the oldest of friends. I wonder if all of them plan on staying in the room for the entire interview. Most interviews are done in private. After a moment or two, my doubts are confirmed. They're staying.

-Are you two really lesbians?
Lena: Is there something wrong with that?

-If you really are, then nothing.
Julia: So why are you asking?

-Because you both emphasize this image in the eye of the media.
Lena: Is it that strange for a girl to love another girl? Everyone is a bit lesbian or gay. Yourself as well. Aren't you?

-No. I'm not.
Lena: Bisexual?

-Wrong again!
Lena: Then I don't believe you.

-I don't believe you either. You're too nice to be lesbians.
Julia (who has until now been very bored, suddenly comes to life): Another stereotype. Have you been to Moscow?

Julia: You see... I'm sure that first girl you would find interesting would be a lesbian.

-That sounds like a stereotype as well. But I'm sure you're exaggerating. What about reproduction?
Lena: Of course there aren't only lesbians in Moscow, but those who live there are very beautiful. When I told my grandma that I was a lesbian, she said, "Dear, I'm so happy that you live nowadays in the modern world, because I'm a lesbian too but I couldn't say it before."

-It sounds like Russia is the most liberated country in the whole world.
Julia: You would be surprised. More liberated then America, I'm sure.

-I heard that your Duma tried to ban homosexuality. Am I right?
Julia: Such things happen sometimes, but we invited many of our politicians to our special concert in Moscow. There were even those who created that law present. I think that after the concert, they won't be having anymore stupid ideas.

-You're planning a career as a politician?
Julia: No, we just want to say that it's nothing special when a girl loves another girl. It's a normal situation.

-Maybe you appealed them. Lesbians are a very exciting concept for a man.
Lena: They excite us too. (Lesbians, of course.)

-How did you start your career?
Julia: Simply.

-So how? You were standing on the street and it struck you by chance?
Julia: No, we are just lesbians.

-It's more than enough?
Julia: As you can see.

-I know many lesbians who aren't popular...
Lena: Maybe they don't want to be. If you want to make a career just become gay and get an appointment with our manager.

Their manager approaches me. 'I'm inviting you for a drink this afternoon,' he says with a funny smile.

-Thanks, but I have no time.
Lena: Why you don't want to meet with him?

-Because I don't want to.
Lena (speaking sarcastically): Because you're not gay?

-No, of course I am. You told me that about five minutes ago. Everybody is gay. But I don't like your manager.
Julia: You are right, he is too old for you. This reminds me of an article from the American "Blender" magazine.

The Tatu producer, Ivan Shapovalov, was talking about the evolution of his ideas concerning the group. Because people always want to see something new, something fresh and original, and sometimes something scandalous--a new image in music--first, he thought about under-age sex and then came up with the idea of lesbians.

I ask Tatu whether or not they know that they are a marketing product.

Lena: Yes, we are aware of this, and it's nice to be such a well-known product. We sold more than a million albums in Russia alone, and I think that this number will still be growing.

-Why are you so sure?
Lena: Because people love us.

-There are people who hate you too. Parents in all Russia are trying to protect their children from you.
Lena: And their children still listen to us. You have to listen to your own feelings. If you want to listen to TATU, do it. If you are gay, don't hide it.
-Britney Spears is also a product.
Julia: But we are better.

-She has sold more albums.
Lena: Check this number again when we come out with our third album.

-You are very confident.
Lena: We have our reasons.

-We'll talk about it after your third album, if you ever make it there.
Lena: You will see. You can do it too. The offer still stands.

The girls laugh.

-You don't even know if I can sing. Doesn't that matter in the music business?
Julia: It's still important, but the personality of the artist is more important now. That is what you're giving people in your music.

-I want to know all about your personality. But the only thing I know about it is that it's a lesbian personality.
Lena: Then, a short interview isn't a good idea, you have to see our concert. You will see that our fans are people from 5 to 75.

-And 75 years old ladies aren't offended by vulgar words, like the one used in "Malchik Gay"?
Lena: That doesn't concern us. What does concern us is if people enjoy our music. You like "Malchik Gay"?

-It's alright.
Yulia (chuckling): We got you. All gays and lesbians love that song!

-So all the girls that go to your concert are convinced they are lesbians when they leave?
Lena: No, but if they are, after our concert, they won't hide it.

-I will think about my sexuality after your concert. What does this career's beginning mean to you?
Julia: Progress.
Lena: Realization of hopes and proof that lesbians are worthy people too.

-It sounds like a condition... Why are you trying to prove it, if it is so normal and general? You said that there aren't any problems with tolerance in Russia.
Lena: There aren't, but it's still not the ideal concept.

-You aren't talking much about your music. Why?
Lena: Because we want to sing, not talk about singing. Come to our concert--this is our answer for questions about music.

Plans for concerts in Poland have not yet been organized. Although, if "200 Po Vstriechnoy" becomes a success here, who knows? Of course, if so, I hope that our 5 year-old girls and their 75 year-old grandmothers won't begin to follow in the steps of their new idols.

Text originates from Maxima (Marcin Margielewski), September 2002 END.

Translation by Grigori.
Edited by Echoed.

And a VERy interesting other articel

A new Tatu-girl was found for Lena Katina
Time of publication: 30.07.2004 (19:13)
On Thursday, group Tatu, which was left without a producer, has undergone another changes. While Yulia Volkova is enjoying all benefits of the future maternity, another Tatu-girl – Lena Katina is preparing a new music project. She’s doing it not alone but with a new partner – a young singer Rina Rock.

As a KP-reporter was informed, after the break up of Tatu with their producer Ivan Shapovalov, the group’s business went in a lousy way. To all this, you can hardly wait any activity from Yulia Volkova in the nearest future. Because of this, the family council of the Katins’ decided that the Tatu-girl’s father Serguey Katin would get busy with the producer’s activity. In the music circles, Katin is known as a producer and the author of hits of group Duna, Larisa Dolina and another stars. Lena and her father have already went through a whole deal of the audio material but didn’t decide the main concept of the new group. They don’t exclude the possibility of forming a duo with the new hopeful singer Rina Rock.

Lena is happy that she will sing with a new Tatu-girlfriend.
- Lena and Rina look well together, - said Serguey Katin. – As for their vocal compatibility, they are complementary to each other in rather a good way.
Serguey couldn’t comment on the future carrier of Yulia and Lena as Tatu.
- I don’t know how the things will between me and Rina, but in any case, I wish her all the best, - said Lena Katina. – I’m happy that the destiny brought us together.

From KP’s dossier:
Rina Rock is an artist name of Marina Cheburashkina. She was born in Moscow, on October, 8, 1980. Her parents are judges. She’s a rock-singer. There is the reason of her artist name. The girl always felt miserable because of her original surname Cheburashkina.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda, Russia.
Translation: TatySite.net Team
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next article...VERY interesting

She Made "Tatu" (Nichya.ru - Russia)
Time of publication: 06.04.2003
She made "Tatu"

[Above picture] - Today, the most interesting project in Russia--Vladimir Putin. Most likely people from show-business work with him, because he became a Star. Objects with his image sell-out really fast--carpets, Y-shirts, pictures, and so on. I think, there was a casting...

Could be Elena Kiper: she untwisted the duo Tatu, then 2 airplanes showed up. At the same time a desire to realize her own project, which started with the name Nichya. [Translated as: No one's – in female form] MTV is still playing the video for the first song of the project with the same title.

She began with journalism for ORT, TV-6, NTV. Somehow, once, while filming material she met with producer Ivan Shapovalov, who offered her to make a music project.

- What did you do for Tatu, that other people couldn't?

- I managed to write the song "Ya Soshla s Uma". Before that, me and Ivan tried well-known authors, but they were writing standard texts, and couldn't help us. "Nas Ne Dogonyat" is also my song. And in general, together with the stage director (choreographer), I was making the scheme for the first shows: I thought of what the girls would wear, what they would say in between songs--I wrote it all on pieces of paper and gave it to them and the sound producers. It was almost like a theatrical show. Today my work is alive. Tatu's brand: their socks, their white underwear, their pleated skirts, their image is shown even in the West. It is not a secret for anybody, that the girls of Tatu are just girls in whom money was invested. They dressed them up, and made them work. But it was necessary to control each of their steps. They sometimes didn't even understand the lyrics of the songs. There is nothing bad in the fact that I suggested to them what it meant. Although, once on the Internet at a Tatu forum, they put up my instructions for the show. These were instructions to only be used by people within the project, there it was written: At press conferences if Lena wanted to write, she had to whisper that in the director's ear, instead of saying it out loud in the microphone.

- How did your own project come about?

- I wrote a song for someone's birthday, and asked the girls from Tatu to sing it. But one of them became ill, and I sang it right at the chilly apartment of the guy arranging it. He had the flu and lay down to sleep, and showed me what keys I needed to press. The next day, when we presented the recording, everybody was in shock. Because first, no one had ever heard me sing before. And second, the song turned up such that Vanya right away decided that Tatu is going to sing it. For some time I thought about it, but then decided not the give away the song.

- The video for that song is remarkable. Where did you find that stunning bridge?

- Sometimes I think that such a bridge does not exist, that this is abstract, that I materialized my imagination. But the unique thing is that, this bridge really exists. It is being built in Ulianovsk in the middle of Volga, but its building was stopped 10 years ago because there wasn't enough money. We were accosted by the FSB [Russian Federal Security Service, the Russian FBI basically -Vicious] for 3 months, because apparently this bridge is some kind of strategic object. The bridge is 50 meters tall, and we had to climb on these tiny little poles, and jump over unbelievable gaps in between the structure. It was so scary, such an adrenaline rush.

[By the picture with Tatu]: Of course, if they didn't have appeal and charisma, the project was not going to take place.

Translation by coolasfcuk.
Material found by forre.
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I have thought about opening a thread in which we can post newspaper & magazines articles about t.A.T.u. since it's one existing in the Russian part of the forum. I never know where to post articles about t.A.T.u. so I opened this thread. I hope that's ok, otherwise close the topic. Thx.

BRAVO Magazine Russia, November, 8, 2008

t.A.T.u. - Dirty Job / BRAVO

Click to enlarge

Specially for Bravo t.A.T.u. girls talked about their new album, about being careful with record labels and about warm relations with t.A.T.u. fans.

Bravo: We're interested in why you decided to change the album title from "Upravleniye Otbrosami" to "Veseliye ulibki" the very last minute?
Yulia: Well...many people asked us, "Girls, why do you have such a depressing mood in your albums?" Ludi Invalidy, Upravleniye Otbrosami... give us something positive". So we've joked ironically and changed the title. Don't want depression? OK, then smile! We've made CD box with "Vesyolie Ulybki" name, but inside there is a CD with the symbol UO -"Upravlenie Otbrosami"

Bravo: And how did you come up with such a title?
Yulia: We were recording in America and once we saw a beautiful field. It was clean and green, and there was a big stone saying "Waste Management".
Lena: This is a combination of things that can't be combined. Green field and such a name.
Yulia: But the essence not even in this point. The concept of VU continued the album "Ludi Invalidy". We are not saying though that everything around us is waste. First of all there's enough of waste in us, humans".

Bravo: What were the most difficult things you encountered while working on the album?
Lena: For the first time we've released the album without label's assistance. Therefore it was necessary to "build" the whole releasing process - from production to distribution. We did everything ourselves, from start to finish.
Yulia: And, by the way, I was pregnant while recording the album.

Bravo: Why such a distrust to label?
Yulia: Sometimes it's not easy to do things with them.
Lena: They like to participate in things, in which the artist must be free. For example, in creative processes.
Yulia: It's easier to be independent - we know what we want, we know what our ideas are and how to implement them. A label can say: "No, girls, do not do this - this is nonsense!" What?! This is our ideas, we want to work them out. So now we are independent artists. Let's see, what will happen next.

Bravo: Girls, why don't you write the lyrics to your music yourselves?
Lena: We've never done that.

Yulia: I still do not reach the point when I feel it's right to write songs for myself.
Lena: By the way, the album has a song "Belyi Plaschik" which has lyrics written by our fan. Actually, it's so cool, when fans write good poetry, and artists use them.

Bravo: And why don't you collaborate with other artists? Is this your decision or simply you do not have right candidates?
Yulia: Why should we do this? Most of artists sing with other artists. What's the point? Especially here in Moscow. Send paycheck to Nelly Furtado, and she'll sing with you. It's easy. This is not surprising. It's a whole different story when artists are close and while communicating, they come up with a sincere decision: "Let's record something together?" - "Ok". This is good.

Bravo: When you have just released the album "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane ", your fans were regularly sleeping in front of your doors. Has the situation changed?
Yulia: That's all the same, but just less crazy. We have our "gang" (laughs), which comes to us - they know our cell phone numbers. And our fans are communicating with each other!
Lena: When foreign fans come to Moscow, Russian fans meet them, show the, around etc... Foreign fans are not alone here [in Russia].

Bravo: Do you remember your craziest fans?
Yulia: Once there was a girl who came to Moscow from Makhachkala [it's very very far from Moscow - blog.tatu.ru]. I was coming home to my place - and outside is rainy, dark, fall. I'm entering my house and hear, "Yulia ..." I'm seeing this girl. I asked her: "What are you doing here? It's 2 AM". She said that she'd travelled from Dagestan to Moscow for 2 days to see me. She had no money, she decided to live in front of my house. It lasted one week. I couldn't let a stranger to come in. But all this time I spent time with her, talked, tried to understand her motives. It turns out that she just fell in love with me, left her boyfriend and came to see me to Moscow. I was smoking and throwing cigarette butts, and she collected them in her bag. I took them away from her - I couldn't believe she was doing it! Later, she wrote a song about this story and even found a way to bring us with a gig to Makhachkala.
Lena: Remember you had some bloody signs on your wall near the front door?
Yulia: Oh yes .. One girl cut her hand and wrote with her blood on the wall: "I love you, I'll die without you".

Bravo: Your neighbors are, probably, in shock from such guests?
Yulia: Well, yeah .. They were saying: "You must clean the wall." Fans write it with their love, but my neighbors were swearing... Our neighbors are very jealous of my story - they constantly try to humiliate me or my mother.

Bravo: Let's not talk about this mean people anymore. For a subject change - what holidays do you like and how do you celebrate them?

Lena: It depends. By the way, I don't recognize these Halloween celebration.

Yulia: Depends on my mood. I remember we've partied like crazy - yoo-hoo! It's different now. You want to spend your time in quite places with people you love. But every now and then we go out. I had one friend who - in certain state of mind already - would turn on "Korol & Shut" [Russian alternative rock band, really heavy - blog.tatu.ru] at 8 AM, would get up on a table and start screaming, "AAAAA!!! I'M GONNA LIVE!!!"

Source - Mediablog

Последний раз редактировалось: Flo (Вт Дек 09, 2008 7:07 pm), всего редактировалось 1 раз
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Good idea!!! Smile

I will scan over the hungarian press.
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fantastic idea Flo

Even once occurred to me to make a video about this topic :
http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=UEUQJJVwR0k Mr. Green

"Do not cry for a world that fight, fight for a world that cries"
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Great Topic. Two years ago I made a video with magazines too ^^

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbtULlX2FqA Mr. Green

[ 12.02.11 ] ♥ You and I , for the rest of our lifes ♥ I'd follow u anywhere ♥ I love you so much Ira ♥
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If you guys posted videos with your articles, I decided to share my video with Romanian articles, too. Smile


There are some picture with me, but pass over that. (:
-If stupidity would hurt, too many people would scream.-
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Good topic :)
Thx Ira.
.: t.A.T.u. Connecting People :.

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I hope it's also for old tabloids?! Smile
Here's a scan from Unica 2002


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Thank you guys!! It's a great topic! Wink Wide smile Smile

^ Set by Viktor Smile Smile Smile

27.11.2009 - 27.07.2010 - Te Amo con todo mi corazon Marian! (06.07.2010) My Heart
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Kevinn Krayewskii

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hey Flo, u had a great Idea!! Wide smile It's very good to see the girls on magazines, news, and other articles Cool

Lena Katina ♥
Banner by Siriann|Av by unknown
photos on the sign taken from tatunews.net
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08/2/07 - SKY Magazine (Movies News)

the first time i saw it i was in shock and Happy coz is really rare see
something about t.A.T.u when they're not in the country Mr. Green

i have another 3 newspaper articles (t.A.T.u in Mexico Smile,
"Yes I am,No I'm Not" Mr. Green )
i'll post them later Wink

Hold It Against Me ♪
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Thank you tatymex! Wink Smile

^ Set by Viktor Smile Smile Smile

27.11.2009 - 27.07.2010 - Te Amo con todo mi corazon Marian! (06.07.2010) My Heart
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Kevinn Krayewskii

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Thanks for these old articles

Lena Katina ♥
Banner by Siriann|Av by unknown
photos on the sign taken from tatunews.net
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