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t.A.T.u. FAQ

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About the girls

Are Yulia and Lena really lesbians?
Ideally, this question should never be asked, but it still is the number one most frequently asked question on Taty so we will attempt to answer.
No they are not lesbians and never claimed to be lesbians. Regarding their orientation, Yulia has stated on few occasions that she is bisexual while Lena has never made any statement about her orientation. They both are strongly against creating labels for feelings and emotions; they simply love each other and are like family.

When was Yulia's daughter born, what is her name and who is the father?
On 23rd September 2004 Yulia gave birth to a baby girl. Her daughters name is Victoria Pavlovna Volkova and the father is Pavel Sidorov (Pasha).

Is Yulia still with, married or engaged to Pasha?
No! Yulia broke up with Pasha a few months after her daughter's birth.

Are Yulia or Lena seeing anyone now?
Recently Yulia has mentioned that she is seeing a singer whom she has known for around eleven years, while Lena stated in her diary entry a wile back that she has moved in with her boyfriend of few months. While the names are unknown it is speculated that Lena's boyfriend is a lawyer named Anatoly.
Earlier in 2005 Yulia was beleived to have dated an American Russian businessman named Tigran, but broke up with him amicably towards the end of the year due to her hectic lifestyle. Recently it has also been speculated that Yulia is currently involved with former soloist of Smash Vlad Topalov.
Please remember that girls do not like to discuss their personal lives and would like to have privacy. Also remember sometimes information we get is through magazines and tabloids and is not always completely accurate.

Does Yulia plan to move to Los Angeles?
When Yulia has often stated that she does consider moving to Los Angeles with her family for both personal and professional reasons. In recent interviews Yulia has also expressed a wish to live in many cities across the world like London and Tokyo. However, she and Lena have both always stated that they love Moscow and don't want to move elsewhere. For now they are both rooted in Moscow.

Do the tattoos on Yulia's back mean anything?
The tattoos on Yulia's back are Arabic inscriptions. The one on the lower
left back is an Arabic feminine word Hiyam which means deep love. The one on her shoulder blades is actually two words. The Left wing is Salaam which means peace and the right wing is Hob which means love. Arabic is read from right to left so it translates roughly into the English phrase 'love & peace'

A bit more about the girls -
Yulia's full name is Yulia Olegovna Volkova. She was born on February 20th 1985 to Oleg Viktorovich Volkov and Larissa Viktorovna Volkova. She is the only child. Her natural hair color is actually blonde.
Lena's full name is Elena Sergeevna Katina. She was born on October 4th 1984 to Sergey Vasilevich Katin and Inessa Vsevolodovna Katina. Lena has a younger sister Katya and a half brother.
Prior to joining Tatu both girls sang in Russian children's pop group Neposedy. Yulia also appeared in Eralash a children's soap in Russia. Apart from singing they both can play the piano very well.

Nicknames - Yulia is often called Julia by English speaking fans. Sometimes Lena and close friends and family call her by Yulie, Yul, Yulka or Volkova. Some fans lovingly refer to her as The Volk
Lena is often is called by several nicknames like Lenochka, Lenka, Lenok.
Most people lovingly refer to Yulia s daughter as Vika or Vikushya

About their work & music

What is the "Hyperion Plate"?

With the release of the Beliy Plaschik single in Russia, the single was packed with as much content as a CD and DVD could physically handle, and so the management created a new name for the creation as it was well above the limits of the name "Maxi Single". The single was therefor dubbed as a "Hyperion Plate" in honour of the location of the video shoot - Hyperion Treatment Facility in Los Angeles.

The Hyperion Plate is released in standard CD and DVD formats and will work on all CD and DVD drives.

Are they still working on the anime film 'Paragate'? Will this be out anytime soon?
In late 2003 Ivan Shapovalov had discussed an anime project with Japanese Anime film directors Shinichiro Watanabe and Norio Kashima and the project had gone into production. However, the project was never officially finalized and in 2004 Yulia and Lena split with producer Ivan Shapovalov. Taty's new management has not discussed continuation of the project and the project is currently scrapped.
However, with Taty's growing success in Japan there could be hope of a similar project being started in the future. Nothing for sure though!

What is Podnebesnaya? Where can I find the series?
Ivan Shapavalov wanted to record their new album in a reality show format. He set up a studio in the thirteenth floor of the Pekin hotel in Moscow. The reality show was set to be broadcast on the STS channel in 2004 as a series Podnebesnaya meaning under the sky. During this period the girls had professional disagreements with Ivan Shapavalov and decided to split with him. The channel eventually aired seventeen episodes of the reality show. While fans were able to see work and recording of some new songs, most of the program showed the disagreements between the girls and Shapavalov. The episodes of Podnebesnaya are available for download on several websites. There is also a special thread on the forum to download the file as a torrent. Several websites offer the series for sale in DVD format but it is not an official release by t.A.T.u or STS channel.

What is Anatomiya? Where can I find it?
Anatomiya is a short hour-long documentary on Taty made by documentary film maker Vitaly Mansky. It covers the period of their promo tour in the USA and their 2003 Eurovision song content performance. Originally relayed on the STS channel in 2003 it was later released with subtitles in DVD format. You can download the original version in the downloads section of the website. The subtitled DVD can be found on most major online stores. Recently a ripped version of the DVD is available for download on several Taty sites.

What about their other songs not featured in albums?

Prostye Dvizheniya was recorded and a video was made with the intention of releasing it as a single. While it played on some radio stations it was never released as a single or on an album. It appeared only on the Russian version of the remixes CD,

Ne Ver Ne Boisya Ne Prosi was their entry to the 2003 Eurovision song contest. The song appears on the Russian remixes CD and some versions of the Not Gonna Get us single. A promo CD of the song was released in some places. It also appears in a limited release re-edition of 200km/hr in the wrong lane.

Yugoslavia is a solo by Lena. Ivan Shapovalov initially planned a solo project featuring only Lena. The song was recorded in light of war in Yugoslavia. However, Shapavalov changed his mind. Yulia was recruited to the project and Taty was born. Yugoslavia was never officially released but can be found as a download on many Taty sites.

Belochka is another solo by Lena from the Podnebesnaya period. After Taty split with Shapavalov he released the song on Podnebesnaya No1 a compilation CD produced by him.

Zaschischat'sya Ochkami (Ya Budu) is another recording from the Podnebesnaya period and was intended to appear on the new album they were working on. When Taty split with Shapavalov the Podnebesnaya project was scrapped. However, some songs like Ty Soglasna and Nichya from the Podnebesnaya period have been added to their new album.

Apart from these there are several demo recordings of songs that can be found.

Where Can I find the "Show Me Love" video?
The official version of the "Show Me Love" video was never released and is unavailable. However, there are several fan made versions some which include footage from the actual video shootings. You can find some of these in the downloads thread.

What is the difference between Dvesti Po Vrestechnoi and 200 Po Vstrechnoi?
There is no difference; they are one and the same. Dvesti is the number 200 in Russian.

Where can I download t.A.T.u. songs, videos and performances?
All the official videos and some performances/Interviews are available in the downloads section of the tatu.ru site.
However, for albums and singles you have to buy the CDs, no linkies on this site. C'mon fans you must support Taty & buy their album and boost sales so they are always number one.

Where can I buy their CD's?
The English albums are available at most popular retail and music stores and online stores. The Russian albums and some singles can be tricky to find and you may need to search online. The Trustworthy vendors thread lists most reliable online vendors and also tells you whom to steer clear off.

Do the girls feature on the Rammstein song Moskau? Have Tatu agreed to sing with Rammstein?
Although there were discussion between Taty and Rammstein for a collaborative project, but nothing was ever finalized and Taty has not worked with Rammstein. The female vocals on the song Moskau is Victoria Fersh. There are also several Tatu vs. Rammstein song remixes online and there is also a remixes album called Pruzhinski which is being sold online. However, all the remixes are unofficial and not affiliated with Tatu or Rammstein.

Is the song imperfect girl by Taty?
No it is by the Australian band Tatu

What does Gomenasai mean?
Gomenasai is based on a Japanese word which means I'm Sorry - Gomen Nasai.

Is it Taty, t.A.T.u or Tatu?
The original Russian name was Taty, short for Ta Lyubit Tu (this girl loves that girl). While making their debut English album they decided to simplify it in English as Tatu. Since there was already an Australian band of the same name it was changed to t.A.T.u. So Taty and t.A.T.u are the official names for Russian and English respectively. However, in the recent releases they seem to use t.A.T.u for both their Russian and English language albums. Many fans and sites still refer to the them in the simplified English form as Tatu.

Is it true that Yulia and Lena directed the video 'How soon is now'?
The video is not a traditional video and is mostly a montage of behind the scenes and performances. Yulia and Lena selected all the clips, decided in what order to place them, planned on how it should go with the music and what effects/transitions to use and they had a lot of fun making the clip. Their ideas were put together by editors and other technical experts. So technically, yes they did direct the video and they are credited with directing the video....you see just like a director they called all the shots.

Do Yulia and Lena write their own songs or music?
In their previous two albums Yulia and Lena were only performers and did not participate in writing or composing the songs. However, after splitting with former producer Ivan Shapavalov they have shown a keen interest in being more involved in all the various stages of creating the album. They are part of T.A music along with Boris Renski, Dasha Mischenko, Eugenia Voevodina and Andrey Artishev (Andrey is no longer with T.A music) and have participated in producing, writing, publishing and arranging some songs in Dangerous and Moving and Lyudi Invalidy. Hopefully, in the future they can contribute more actively towards the album.

Song Abbreviations/Acronyms
Fans often refer to Tatu songs in Acronyms. Here are some commonly used ones

ATTSS - All the Things She Said
NGGU - Not Gonna Get Us
SML - Show Me Love
YSSU - Ya Soshla S Uma
NND - Nas Ne Dogonyat
NVNBNP - Ne Ver Ne Boisya Ne Prasi
PD - Prostye Divizheniya

D&M - Dangerous and Moving (could refer to album or song)
LI - Lyudi Invalidy (could refer to album or song)
VML - Vsya Mya Lyubov
AAU - All About US
LMN - Loves Me Not
ON - Obezyanka Nol
FOF - Friend or Foe

Thanks to Return To Hades for writing this FAQ for us.

Below is a complete list of all of t.A.T.u.'s work. Including the unreleased demo's and songs featuring t.A.T.u. For your convenienve each song title is followed by it's Russian/English counterpart, which is shown in italics. Shown in bold at the end of the song title is the album on which the song can be found.

English Songs
All The Things She Said - Ya Soshla S Uma [200km/h In The Wrong Lane]
Not Gonna Get Us - Nas Ne Dagoniat [200km/h In The Wrong Lane]
30 Minutes - 30 Minut (aka: Polchasa) [200km/h In The Wrong Lane]
Show Me Love - Pokazhi Mne Lyubov / Ya Tvoya Ne Pervaya [200km/h In The Wrong Lane]
Clowns (Can you see me now?) - Klouny [200km/h In The Wrong Lane]
How Soon Is Now? [200km/h In The Wrong Lane]
Malchik Gay - Malchik Gey [200km/h In The Wrong Lane]
Stars - Zachem Ya [200km/h In The Wrong Lane]
All About Us [Dangerous and Moving]
Cosmos (Outer Space) - Kosmos [Dangerous and Moving]
Craving (I only want what I can't have) [Dangerous and Moving]
Loves Me Not - Loves Me Not (Different Music, English Vocals) [Dangerous and Moving]
Friend or Foe [Dangerous and Moving]
Gomenasai [Dangerous and Moving]
We Shout - Nichya [Dangerous and Moving]
Sacrifice [Dangerous and Moving]
Perfect Enemy - Novaya Model [Dangerous and Moving]
Null and Void - Obezyanka Nol [The Best]
Dangerous and Moving - Lyudi Invalidy [Dangerous and Moving]
Divine [Dangerous and Moving - Japanese Edition Bonus Track]

You and I [Waste Management] (To be released)
Little People [Waste Management] (To be released)

Russian Songs
Ya Soshla S Uma - All The Things She Said [Dvesti Po Vstrechnoy]
Nas Ne Dagoniat - Not Gonna Get Us [Dvesti Po Vstrechnoy]
30 Minut (aka: Polchasa) - 30 Minutes [Dvesti Po Vstrechnoy]
Pokazhi Mne Lyubov / Ya Tvoya Ne Pervaya - Show Me Love [Dvesti Po Vstrechnoy]
Zachem Ya - Stars [Dvesti Po Vstrechnoy]
Doshitai Do Sta [Dvesti Po Vstrechnoy]
Klouni - Clowns (Can you see me now?) [Dvesti Po Vstrechnoy - 2nd Edition]
Malchik Gey - Malchik Gay [Dvesti Po Vstrechnoy]
Ne Ver Ne Boysia Ne Prosi [200km/h In The Wrong Lane - UK Bonus Track / The Best / t.A.T.u. Remixes]
Ya Tvoi Vrag [Dvesti Po Vstrechnoy]
Robot [Dvesti Po Vstrechnoy]
Kosmos - Cosmos (Outer Space) [Lyudi Invalidy]
Nichya - We Shout [Lyudi Invalidy]
Novaya Model - Perfect Enemy [Lyudi Invalidy]
Obezyanka Nol - Null and Void [Lyudi Invalidy]
Lyudi Invalidy - Dangerous and Moving [Lyudi Invalidy]
Vsya Moya Lyubov - All My Love (Demo) [Lyudi Invalidy]
Ti Soglasna [Lyudi Invalidy]
Chto Ne Hvataet [Lyudi Invalidy]
Prostie Dvizheniya [t.A.T.u. Remixes]

Simple Motions (English)

Reach Out (Original Lyrics) - We Shout
Wrap It Up (Original Lyrics) - Perfect Enemy
All My Love - Vsya Moya Lyubov
I Know
Vse Normal'no
Zaschischatsia Ochkami (Ya Budu)
V Kosmose Skvoznyaki

Featuring t.A.T.u.
Polyusa (ft. t.A.T.u.) - Poeziya
Flipsyde (ft. t.A.T.u.) - Happy Birthday [We The People] (Interscope Records)

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From where Question
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can live in day light Wink

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