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Forum Rules

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Зарегистрирован: 01.09.2004
Сообщения: 1346

СообщениеДобавлено: Пн Окт 11, 2004 9:46 pm    Заголовок сообщения: Forum Rules Ответить с цитатой

Hi, everybody...

Here are the new rules for the forum, so read them carefully, and do note that “lack of knowledge doesn’t free you up from responsibility”:

The use of forum is not an innate right, but a privilege, granted to you by the administration of the Tatu.ru website. It is provided to you for as long as you agree to comply with the rules and regulations listed below.

The compliance to these rules is mandatory, and the violators will be warned with the citations (up to 3-5 times) and than banned from the use of the forum by the administration’s decision.

Prohibited are:

1. Use of any cuss or foul language (you know what I’m talking about) in the message body, discussion topics, signatures or avatars.

2. Insult or abuse other fellow forum users

3. Flood (solicitation of the forum with seemingly meaningless/useless, repetitive messages)

4. Off-topic messages (those that are completely unrelated to the topic of the discussion) and Flame (messages consisting only from small-talk phrases, i.e. "What's up", "How are you", "I'm bored", etc... Meaning that if the whole message would consist of such seemingly useless phrases. You can use PM or any Internet Messaging services for the small talk;-) )

5. Call for any aggression, national or religious discrimination, or posting links to sites of such nature (including your own WWW address in your profile)

6. Posting anything advertising/inducing the use of any illegal substances and advocating violence (directly or indirectly, including the pictures in the avatars and personal WWW addresses in your profile)

7. Posting of any information, or linking to websites of pornographic nature (including the pictures in your avatars and personal WWW addresses in your profile)

8. Posting anything advocating or describing suicides or other forms of self-inflicted harm or linking to the websites of similar content (including personal WWW addresses in your profile)

9. Commercials/advertising (posts that are comprised only of a call for a certain action (visit the website, check something out, buy something, try something), both in the separate threads or in pre-existent threads, when unrelated to the topic discussed. Strictly prohibited are the advertisements of the commercial resources with apparent financial or “publicity” aims. In such cases the violator may be banned even without a citation)

10. Plagiarism (publication of any creative material, made by someone else, without proper acknowledgement of the true author)

11. Use of the already-existent avatars and nicknames without the proper agreement with their owners

12. Overuse of the CAPITALIZATION (Caps-Lock overuse) and BBCode (using bold, italic or underlined style to the whole message - this is for highlighting or emphasizing purposes only)

13. Overquoting (using quotes with more than one sub quote in them, or using unreasonably-long quotes)

14. Discussion of the absence of certain BBC codes on this forum (the absence of smilee’s , pictures, etc.)

15. Unsanctioned attempts of tinkering with the forum software (i.e. attempts to obtain privileges through XSS and so on)…
(In this particular case the offender will be punished with not only a ban, but with the further retaliation through his/her ISP)

16. Attempts to illegally change/add respects/antirespects (let it be via cracking the system, creating additional clone-users, or spamming other users to get their respects)
(if any clone-users are found attached to the same person they will be removed/blocked by the forum administration)

17. Posting of the links to the MP3 or any other type of audio files of the new Tatu songs, or any other video/audio files that are presented as “new Tatu songs”
(By “new” we mean those songs/video’s created after the execution of the contract with Universal Music International of 18th of June, 2004. Only exceptions are those generally accessible files available on the www.tatu.ru site or on corporate sites of Universal Music Group/Interscope Media)

18. Quoting materials of the “Zhizn” (Жизнь) newspaper or the WWW periodical dni.ru (Дни.Ру) – due to the lack of sufficient verified information these resources have been noted to “create” news about Tatu themselves.

19. It is strictly prohibited to ask for/discuss any private contact information of the members of the Tatu project. Users providing such information (even if it is incorrect) may be banned without prior citations

20. Discussion of the actions of moderators and administrators on the general discussion boards (you can always send a private message to me or other mods/admins… see the “Rights” section below)

If you do violate on of these rules, the violating message(s) would be removed, and the personal citation may be issued. When a user will reach a certain number of citations (3 to 5, depending on the severities of the violations) his/her username will be banned from the forum.

User Appeal Rights are:

1. Ask for a direct explanation of the moderator’s action against him/her (only through private messages)

2. File a complaint of the moderator’s actions to the administrator
(In this case you would have to send (via private message) the whole discussion of the problem with the moderator to one of the forum administrators – currently Jam_One and Ev. He will decide upon the validity of your complaint and determine the punitive measures against the moderator (if he finds your complaint valid and sufficient for that))

3. Ask the moderator to clarify certain parts of the rules, or to verify the compliance of any material with these rules (only through private messages)

If you do feel that your rights have somehow been crucially violated by the actions of the moderator/administrator, and such an event is not described by these rules, do report about that to the info@tatu.ru with the outmost detail possible.

These discussion boards are no place for real-time communication. You can use chat rooms for that.
The forum should mainly used as a place for discussions (disputes and arguments) on certain topics. This means that each message should be well thought-of and reasonably argumented. Remember, nobody’s rushing you, so you should be able to state your thoughts in a clear and intelligent form. Therefore it would be appreciated if each of your messages would have a certain core idea, a theme of some sort, so the topics and discussions here would become really meaningful and interesting.

Also, this forum is by no means a “free hosting for text info”, and the administration is not responsible for the long-term safekeeping of any materials of the forum.

That being said - have fun out there. But “do behave” ;-)

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Зарегистрирован: 01.09.2004
Сообщения: 1346

СообщениеДобавлено: Вс Окт 31, 2004 3:18 pm    Заголовок сообщения: Ответить с цитатой

Unregistered Users can use the forum in either English, Russian or Japanese. To do that you just have to update the default language of your.

(i.e. in the Internet Explorer go to menu “Tools” -> submenu “General”-> push the button ”Language Tools”(lower right corner, second button to the right) and in the newly-opened window (“Language Preferences”) choose the language you would desire to be the default one for this forum. Remember, only languages available here are English, Russian, and Japanese)

In turn Registered Users can change their default language in their profile (http://www.tatu.ru/forum/profile.php?mode=editprofile , near the bottom of the page)

Also, those users who would be using languages other than Russian might get gibberish in its place. To fix that you might want to change your encoding to Cyrillic. To do that go to "View" on the menu bar, open "encoding" submenu and choose "Cyrillic (Windows)"... This is the solution for IE users, anyway...
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Зарегистрирован: 01.09.2004
Сообщения: 1346

СообщениеДобавлено: Сб Дек 11, 2004 7:25 am    Заголовок сообщения: Ответить с цитатой

Well, another note here for you, guys and gals:

Recently there appeared to be a constant stream of new poll-type topics. Polls rather shallow and meaningless.

Of course it would be reasonable to have a poll or a questioner that would presuppose a further discussion of the topic, therefore one’s like this would be tolerated, spared, and allowed to thrive ;-)

But plain statistical polling (predetermining a single answer per user (i.e. where are you from?) without any notices allowing for further discussion would be prosecuted, so do beware of that.
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