December, 30
Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina wish you a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas!... 

December, 18
MTV and Love Radio voting! 

December, 14
Tomorrow, 15 December, is the release date for the English version of t.A.T.u.’s third studio album Waste Management. A couple of things and competitions... 

December, 12
December, 14 Russian edition of Waste Management will be available for order in t.A.T.u. shop... 

December, 11
t.A.T.u. in Vinyl Vault on Cherrytree Radio... 


December, 18

Hello there!

Thank you to everybody who votes for the t.A.T.u. at Love Radio poll in the category "Band of the Year" and for “Snegopady” as MTV's Video of the Year .

At MTV poll you can vote as much as you can, and only once a day you can leave your vote for t.A.T.u. on Love Radio.

There are two special threads on the forum where you can discuss current results: MTV thread and Love Radio thread

In 2008 the video 220 won this annual MTV poll! How about we repeat it this year?

Thank you one more time!