December, 04
Today our video White Robe went #1 in daily MTV BRAZIL chart LAB DISK! 

November, 30
Watch White Robe music video in high quality on the official YouTube... 

November, 18
15 December t.A.T.u. will release their album "Waste Management" in Brazil, Argentina and Chile.  

November, 17
Two months of SALE and gifts! 

November, 10
White Robe music video premieres on MTV BrazilЕ 


November, 17
17 November Ц 17 January itТs Christmas SALE at t.A.T.u. official store!

WeТre giving discounts and nice presents to orders with a number of items, so please read carefully descriptions of goods.

WeТll include little gifts to the first 20 lucky orders. And after the en of the sale weТll randomly choose five customers and present them with five collectibles - rare t.A.T.u. releases.