July, 16
The new entry in Lena's diary ... 

July, 11
International version of "Snowfalls" 

June, 03
t.A.T.u. grace the cover of the first June issue of Bravo magazine / Russian edition/  

May, 28
31 May t.A.T.u. will turn ten! 

May, 15
t.A.T.u. are gracing the cover of the new issue of OK! Magazine... 


May, 28

31 May (Sunday) t.A.T.u. will turn ten!

Here you may leave all your messages and congrats that will be forwarded to our birthday girls.

Only on this day (Moscow time) everybody who will place an order at shop.taty.ru may ask Lena and Yulia to sign music, magazines and posters for the certain person.

To do this, place an order and send an email at info@shop.taty.ru with a name of the person and order number. Please put t.A.T.u. Birthday in a subject line of the e-mail.

t.A.T.u. Team