April, 15
Tv and special versions of "Snowfalls"...  

April, 09
Official Snegopady Trailer 

April, 09
t.A.T.u. TV presents new episodes at RUSSIA.RU 

March, 26
The SNOWFALLS are coming... 

March, 25
Happy Smiles t-shirt available at shop.taty.ru! 


April, 15

The video premieres 17 April at 3 PM (Moscow time) inside MTV Newsblock.
The second time the video will be shown in Newsblock at midnight.
Starting from 2 AM this night УSnowfallsФ will be shown in every music block of MTV.

In one hour after the premiere УSnowfallsФ will be uploaded at t.A.T.u. YouTube in two versions:
- TV version
- special version (we recommend to listen and watch it very loudly with the best stereo system youТre able to find; headphones would probably suck, and small headphones would kill this video)

WeТll send the winners the links to their copies of the video at midnight from Thursday to Friday (Moscow time).

And remember, Department of Control is watching you.