April, 15
Tv and special versions of "Snowfalls"...  

April, 09
Official Snegopady Trailer 

April, 09
t.A.T.u. TV presents new episodes at RUSSIA.RU 

March, 26
The SNOWFALLS are coming... 

March, 25
Happy Smiles t-shirt available at shop.taty.ru! 


April, 09
Snegopady (Snowfalls) will premiere 17 April on MTV Russia

Official Snegopady Trailer:

Six out of about 3,5 thousand people guessed the beginning right:

Dubachev Sergey
Maria Sol Mancheno
meritokrasi meritokrasi
Ма Ру
Fabian Perez

The day before the premiere links will be send to them and Department of Control will start to watch them.

Snowfalls are coming…