April, 15
Tv and special versions of "Snowfalls"...  

April, 09
Official Snegopady Trailer 

April, 09
t.A.T.u. TV presents new episodes at RUSSIA.RU 

March, 26
The SNOWFALLS are coming... 

March, 25
Happy Smiles t-shirt available at shop.taty.ru! 


March, 26

New competition!

Guys, how about you try to guess the beginning of new t.A.T.u. video УSnegopadiФ (УSnowfallsФ)? We wonТt give you any hints. The only inspiration is four screenshots from the middle of the video

Everyone who guesses the beginning of the video will get a personal link to see it few days before the premiere.

Please send your ideas in any form you find acceptable at info@tatu.ru with subject Snegopadi Competition. We're accepting your versions until we announce the premiere date.

Frankly speakingЕ weТre not even sure there will be one person who will guess the beginning of УSnegopadiФ. But we believe in you! However if there will be nobody who guesses the beginning, then this private viewing will be organized for those who offer the most creative beginning. In this case links will be sent to no more than 10 people.