April, 15
Tv and special versions of "Snowfalls"...  

April, 09
Official Snegopady Trailer 

April, 09
t.A.T.u. TV presents new episodes at RUSSIA.RU 

March, 26
The SNOWFALLS are coming... 

March, 25
Happy Smiles t-shirt available at shop.taty.ru! 


March, 25
Usually fans wear t-shirts with their idols’ names. But 21 October 2008 t.A.T.u. has done exactly the opposite. On the photo-and-signing session celebrating the release of "Happy Smiles" Lena and Yulia appeared in t-shirts with the names of most active members of t.A.T.u. official forum.

Limited number of the unique t-shirts has finally appeared in shop.taty.ru. After numerous requests of fans more names were added to the t-shirt design.

Male and female versions of the t-shirt are available.