June, 04
Dear friends, I have to ads in respect of ongoing sale:  

February, 08
Dear friends, shops are closed because old Tatu/Lena team is dismissed.  

November, 15
The winner of the Cover Design Competition is announced!  

October, 04
Today Lena turns 26! 

September, 28
The upcoming t.A.T.u. Request Hour will feature Yulia 


October, 15

t.A.T.u.s third studio album Happy Smiles will be released October 21 (Tuesday). The first copies of the album will be delivered to two SOYUZ stores situated on Pyatnitskaya St. and Leninskiy Prospect, 11. On this day well be giving special posters to the first buyers of Happy Smiles in Leninskiy Prospect store (the number of posters is limited)!

In a few weeks Happy Smiles will be distributed among other stores.

Please dont forget the 50 roubles discount coupon from the hyperion-plate Beliy Plaschik it will be valid! We remind you that in SOYUZ stores Happy Smiles will cost 299 roubles.

On the release day at 9PM t.A.T.u. will welcome all the fans at the photo-and-signing session at SOYUZ store on Leninskiy Prospect, 11. Everybody will have a chance to sign their albums and have a professional picture together with t.A.T.u.!

Please take into account that the photo-and-signing session will last no more than two hours please come early.