December, 30
Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina wish you a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas!... 

December, 18
MTV and Love Radio voting! 

December, 14
Tomorrow, 15 December, is the release date for the English version of t.A.T.u.Тs third studio album Waste Management. A couple of things and competitions... 

December, 12
December, 14 Russian edition of Waste Management will be available for order in t.A.T.u. shop... 

December, 11
t.A.T.u. in Vinyl Vault on Cherrytree Radio... 


June, 05

Guys, the premiere of our new video is being saddened by terrible event Ц Yulia got sick. Seriously sick. We can not reveal the details (I hope you do understand us), but the fact is Ц the girls didnТt leave today for the US, where on June, 6 a concert was scheduled. Naturally, the concert is being postponed for an uncertain period of time. To say we are upset is to say nothing. This is the second show in a row with troubles in the last two weeks, and I am very sorry I did not pay enough attention to YuliaТs health after her trip to Saint-Petersburg. At that moment YuliaТs condition seemed to be an over-strain, but now it is obvious that things are much worse. We will be healing Yulia, and you, please, be with us.

P.S.: Of course, all tickets will be refunded.

Boris Renski
t.A.T.u. manager