December, 04
Today our video White Robe went #1 in daily MTV BRAZIL chart LAB DISK! 

November, 30
Watch White Robe music video in high quality on the official YouTube... 

November, 18
15 December t.A.T.u. will release their album "Waste Management" in Brazil, Argentina and Chile.  

November, 17
Two months of SALE and gifts! 

November, 10
White Robe music video premieres on MTV Brazil 


July, 06
"I hope it’s not necessary to explain that there’s only black and white in the world, only yes and no? And we, people, are constantly choosing. I had periods in my life when I understood that I was doing f*cked up things. If this understanding came, I stopped doing these things right away. It was my choice".

An actor Igor Desyatnikov, who plays Ivan in Finding t.A.T.u. movie, told about an aggressive population of people and about the possibility of real love inside it. Interview...