April, 15
Tv and special versions of "Snowfalls"...  

April, 09
Official Snegopady Trailer 

April, 09
t.A.T.u. TV presents new episodes at RUSSIA.RU 

March, 26
The SNOWFALLS are coming... 

March, 25
Happy Smiles t-shirt available at shop.taty.ru! 


May, 03
Roland Joffe Back in Moscow

Renowned British director, scriptwriter and producer Roland Joffe (УVatelФ,Ф The Scarlet LetterФ,ФThe MissionФ) came to Moscow to work on his new feature film УFinding t.A.T.u.Ф adapted from A. MitrofanovТs novel Уt.A.T.u. COME BACKФ. The shooting is set to begin in May.

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