February, 24
New entry in Yulia's diary ... 

February, 21
Tomorrow, on the 22nd of February, at 1:00 PM (Moscow time) t.A.T.u. will appear live on Love Radio... 

February, 21
We have new entry in Lena's diary! 

February, 19
BRAVO magazine (Russia) questioned Yulia Volkova about her private life. Read the interview in the #7 issue of the magazine on sale from the 20th of February ...  

February, 19
Happy birthday, Yulia!

In some few minutes our "black-haired tatushka" Yulia Volkova turns 23! ...


April, 28
How many t.A.T.u. CDs and DVDs do you have? Five? Ten? Twenty? Our loyal fan and advanced collector Amanda has more than 100 items by now! Find out how she did it in Amanda's guide for t.A.T.u. collecting