April, 26
Lena and Julia took all the fans, who came to the airport, to the VIP-hall with them 

April, 23
The latest t.A.T.u. photos are made by fans April, 13 in the Sheremetyevo-2... 

April, 20
Lena was spotted near her house accompannied by her new friend...  

April, 18
May, 3 t.A.T.u. are performing in Charm-ale-sheikh/Egypt...  

April, 09
t.A.T.u. BLOG is your personal online area where you can post photos, videos, leave diary entries, make communities and - which is especially important - be in touch with us... 


February, 20
Today, February, 20, Tribute to The Smiths, the album dedicated to the legendary band, is released. t. A.T.u. open album's tracklist with their famous cover-song How Soon is Now

Format: CD
Released: February, 20 2007
Label: Cleopatra

You can watch t.A.T.u.'s How Soon Is Now video here