June, 04
Dear friends, I have to ads in respect of ongoing sale:  

February, 08
Dear friends, shops are closed because old Tatu/Lena team is dismissed.  

November, 15
The winner of the Cover Design Competition is announced!  

October, 04
Today Lena turns 26! 

September, 28
The upcoming t.A.T.u. Request Hour will feature YuliaЕ 


November, 24
And we have a lot of such people coming to our shows Ц people who canТt walk or who have DownТs syndrome or with something else. We take pictures together and make sure they have priority seats.

AndЕ what are you going to do now? Lena: Nothing.
I mean, they will go to law against you!
Lena: So what? Let them do it. You know, somebody is just having problems reading between the lines. Creative process is about metaphors, about the ability to understand the real meaning of them.

YouТre not afraid of legal actions against you? Lena: Of course, weТre not.
Ok, but in case you need VakuevТs phone number, we can provide you with it. Peaceful solution is always possible. Thank you! Lena Katina, t.A.T.u.Тs singer, was with us on УMorning On BBCФ.