10. Nas Ne Dogonyat (HarDrum Remix)
11. 30 Minut (HarDrum Remix)

In the first two months of its release, the album "200 Po Vstrechnoi" sold about 500,000 legal copies (which means about two million pirate copies sold on various media).

All together, the album sold more than two million legal copies in Russia (and approximately four million pirate copies) in 2001.

June, 2

t.A.T.u. get the "100 Pudoviy Hit" award from the "HIT-FM" radio station. The ceremony takes place in the Kremlin Hall, where t.A.T.u. sing their music best-seller "Ya Solshla S Uma".


t.A.T.u. start recording the album's English version for their promotional tour in Europe. The song "Ya Soshla S Uma" is translated first. t.A.T.u. shoot the video for the song "30 Minuts". The video can't get into rotation because of the censorship issues.

September, 6

t.A.T.u. go to New York, where in the legendary Metropolitan Opera House they receive an MTV Video Music Award for the video "Ya Soshla S Uma" in the "Viewers Choice - Best Russian Video" category. Later in September the new single and video are released: "Polchasa". The song immediately goes into heavy rotation (30-35 times a week) on the Russkoye Radio, Dynamit, Europe Plus, Love Radio, RDV, HIT-FM, and Tango radio stations. Altogether, the song is played on the radio about 3500 times.

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Julia Volkova was born in the family of a successful businessman in Moscow on February 20th, 1985. At the age of 7, parallel to the ordinary school, Julia entered a music school, piano class. When she was 9, Julia became a member of the famous children vocal and instrumental group "Neposedy" (Naughty Children). At the casting Julia sang Russian folk song "Oy, to ne vecher". In a year, Lena Katina became a member of "Neposedy" as well, and soon Julia and Lena became best friends. When she was 11, Julia switched the ordinary school where she studied for the school fostering artistic talents. Three years later she leaves "Neposedy" to pass the casting and join musical project Tatu in which Lena Katina had already been in. At the age of 15, Julia enters vocal department of Gnessin's State Musical College and simultaneously becomes famous as a soloist of Tatu duo. In 2004 she had a baby. Now she is 20.