September, 30
t.A.T.u. said “bye-bye”? / AIF Newspaper
t.A.T.u. duo became the first pop band ever from Russia, who sold over 1 million copies of their album in Europe...

June, 25
t.A.T.u. / It's a show-biz, baby! / BRAVO
Several days ago t.A.T.u. celebrated their 10 years together. BRAVO visited Yulia and Lena...

May, 14
t.A.T.u. / 10 Years Together / OK! Magazine
t.A.T.u.: "Even now we kiss sometimes!"
Expecting this event OK! magazine called t.A.T.u. girls in the US...

November, 19
Dirty Job / BRAVO
Specially for Bravo t.A.T.u. girls talked about their new album, about being careful with record labels and about warm relations with t.A.T.u. fans...

October, 01
From Russia with Lust / The Independent
So many years later, Yulia and Lena are still Russia's most famous double act...


August, 24
Yulia: In a movie everything is a bit more realistic than in videos. Especially in this movie –I mean, it's about us. Just like the book, on which the film is based. Lesha Mitrofanov wrote it; we often party together. Maybe because of this it turned out so close-to-life.

Is it difficult to play yourself?

Y: Well no! What could be difficult? We are the same in life, on stage and in movies.

L: On the contrary, it's even easier. We have nothing to make up. The script writer came to us, asked questions; we answered and he wrote the scenes accordingly.

What news about your life will fans find out from the movie?

L: Some will find everything new, but others will decide that they already know it all about us. Difficult to predict.
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