September, 30
t.A.T.u. said Уbye-byeФ? / AIF Newspaper
t.A.T.u. duo became the first pop band ever from Russia, who sold over 1 million copies of their album in Europe...

June, 25
t.A.T.u. / It's a show-biz, baby! / BRAVO
Several days ago t.A.T.u. celebrated their 10 years together. BRAVO visited Yulia and Lena...

May, 14
t.A.T.u. / 10 Years Together / OK! Magazine
t.A.T.u.: "Even now we kiss sometimes!"
Expecting this event OK! magazine called t.A.T.u. girls in the US...

November, 19
Dirty Job / BRAVO
Specially for Bravo t.A.T.u. girls talked about their new album, about being careful with record labels and about warm relations with t.A.T.u. fans...

October, 01
From Russia with Lust / The Independent
So many years later, Yulia and Lena are still Russia's most famous double act...


August, 24
Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova played in a movie about craziness of their fans.

In Moscow shooting of Finding t.A.T.u. finished Ц a movie about two girls - an American (Mischa Barton) and a girl from Yaroslavl (Shantel Van Santen) - who dream about becoming like their idols t.A.T.u. Will their dreams about fame come true? Even filmТs creators havenТt decided yet, but the heroinesТ attempt to get acquainted with Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova will be successful.

t.A.T.u. girls play themselves in the film and, of course, are going to record soundtrack for it. Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova (who is five month pregnant now) talked about their experience of getting close to their fans to the columnist of УNedelyaФ Anna Fedina.

"The story in the movie is truthful"

What are your impressions from the shooting?
Lena: Excellent. We liked it a lot. This is our first experience in a serious movie, but honestly the difference between an actress and a singer is not big because when you play a concert or shoot a video, you do the same thing: try to do it so that people believe you.