September, 30
t.A.T.u. said “bye-bye”? / AIF Newspaper
t.A.T.u. duo became the first pop band ever from Russia, who sold over 1 million copies of their album in Europe...

June, 25
t.A.T.u. / It's a show-biz, baby! / BRAVO
Several days ago t.A.T.u. celebrated their 10 years together. BRAVO visited Yulia and Lena...

May, 14
t.A.T.u. / 10 Years Together / OK! Magazine
t.A.T.u.: "Even now we kiss sometimes!"
Expecting this event OK! magazine called t.A.T.u. girls in the US...

November, 19
Dirty Job / BRAVO
Specially for Bravo t.A.T.u. girls talked about their new album, about being careful with record labels and about warm relations with t.A.T.u. fans...

October, 01
From Russia with Lust / The Independent
So many years later, Yulia and Lena are still Russia's most famous double act...


June, 27
Shantel Van Santen: Roland Works Magic - Somehow

As we enter the elevator to go up to her hotel room in search of a quite place, Shantel spots herself in the mirror and narrows her eyes, Never look at yourself in elevator mirrors. They're terrible. Everybody looks awful there. This sharp light... In Finding t.A.T.u. Shantel Van Santen, who actually looks fabulous in uncompromising cabin light, plays Janie, an American girl involved in love relationships with Lana, Mischa Barton's character. You need to see Shantel's passion in her deep blue-green eyes to understand why Diane Crittenden, a Hollywood casting director, who casted many great movies (Pretty Woman included), asked her to audition for new Joffe's film.

Could we start from the very very beginning?

Sure. Like from where I was born? In Minnesota, in a very small town where everyone was dairy farmers. And I lived there till I was five. Afterwards we moved to Texas and lived there till almost two years ago. So I consider myself a Texan.

Then you should be having Texas accent?

(Laughs) It's not too bad! Sometimes when I say "you all",...