September, 30
t.A.T.u. said Уbye-byeФ? / AIF Newspaper
t.A.T.u. duo became the first pop band ever from Russia, who sold over 1 million copies of their album in Europe...

June, 25
t.A.T.u. / It's a show-biz, baby! / BRAVO
Several days ago t.A.T.u. celebrated their 10 years together. BRAVO visited Yulia and Lena...

May, 14
t.A.T.u. / 10 Years Together / OK! Magazine
t.A.T.u.: "Even now we kiss sometimes!"
Expecting this event OK! magazine called t.A.T.u. girls in the US...

November, 19
Dirty Job / BRAVO
Specially for Bravo t.A.T.u. girls talked about their new album, about being careful with record labels and about warm relations with t.A.T.u. fans...

October, 01
From Russia with Lust / The Independent
So many years later, Yulia and Lena are still Russia's most famous double act...


May, 31
t.A.T.u at Moscow Gay-Pride: It was a military operation

Julia Volkova: УI was shocked when I saw these people Ц with chains, with crosses, with big sticks and knives. They attacked and hurt other people, the citizens of Russia Ц just like themselves. We all are one country, RussiaТs people, and we must respect and understand each other and be tolerant. But Russians attacked Russians Ц and it was terrible! I thought it was the beginning of a war!Ф

Only at "ћ " newspaper Ц an exclusive t.A.T.u. interview and all the details of their Tverskaya street "secret mission".

Уt.A.T.u., to a certain degree, had no choiceФ, Leonid Shlyahover, the present t.A.T.u. concert director explains, УConsidering bandТs image and credo, it would be weakness and hypocrisy to ignore this situation, with the gay-pride in Moscow. We always had the same things we stand for Ц we are for love. In all its diversity and directions. ThatТs why we decided to have a break in albumТs recording in Los Angeles, bought the tickets and came.

On Sunday about 50 desperate gay activists once again tried to speak for their legitimate rights...