June, 19
HiЕ Checked out our siteЕ saw couple of Egypt pictures. When we were leaving for Egypt, it was rainy. Me and Yulia entered the plane, found our seats, I was by the window. I watched the raindrops at the plane windowЕ 

April, 25
Hello, guys! Well the premiere happened! Thank you for your contradictory emotions, itТs actually cool that they all exist. I do want you to really get into our new song... 

February, 21
Hi, everybody! That's me again! : ))
Well, Cuba is a fairy tale! I'm full of excitement!
The ocean is powder-blue, absolutely pure water and white sand!...

January, 28
Gu-u-uys! At the beginning of January I bestowed my lovely girlfriend in marriage! The wedding was great! So much fun!... 

November, 01
IТm really so happy for Yulka, and thanks God sheТs feeling good! And sheТs so happy Ц my heart is just full of feelings for her!

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January, 19
Guys!!! HUGE thank you to every-every-everybody!!! You have no idea what pleasure you gave us! YouТre so great!!! It was so awesome!!! You all are talented and amazing!!! I hope that the rest of the eveningЕ. or, to be more exact, night was fun and accident-free!! We SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO loved your performances, your videos, partyТs hosts and everything else! ItТs so cool when people, who have something that unites them, meet and have fun, hang out and have the time of their lives!!! WeТre so happy for you!!! Keep doing it!!!

Your sick Lenka!

P.S. Our special respects go to those who organized this whole thing!!!