January, 19
YouТre so great!!! It was so awesome!!! You all are talented and amazing!!! 

July, 16
Hello everyone from the sunny Los Angeles. I feel like telling you something about myself. At this moment IТm sitting in the living room at DomenТs and SvenТs place, where there is the studio all of us work in! ... 

April, 28
Hello again!
Everybody should have learnt by now that I can finally see - I've done laser correction of my eyesight. Telling you everything right now!...

January, 30
Hello, my dears boys and girls!!! Sorry for my long absence... 

October, 11
Hey, itТs me! Decided to react on your call and write something. By the way, awesome poem, really liked it And of course thank you for congratulations! 

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July, 16

Well, IТve got to go to the guys, to the studio, to do the things, for I have already spent an hour sitting here typing this!!!!! :-)))))