January, 19
Youre so great!!! It was so awesome!!! You all are talented and amazing!!! 

July, 16
Hello everyone from the sunny Los Angeles. I feel like telling you something about myself. At this moment Im sitting in the living room at Domens and Svens place, where there is the studio all of us work in! ... 

April, 28
Hello again!
Everybody should have learnt by now that I can finally see - I've done laser correction of my eyesight. Telling you everything right now!...

January, 30
Hello, my dears boys and girls!!! Sorry for my long absence... 

October, 11
Hey, its me! Decided to react on your call and write something. By the way, awesome poem, really liked it And of course thank you for congratulations! 

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January, 30
Hello, my dears boys and girls!!!

Sorry for my long absence. My little sister had her first end-of-semester exams. It was a nightmare for everybody, but shes done and doesnt have any exams left! Now some sad things. I was really upset about the fact that MTV didnt show our ride on the bikes. Im sulky with them :( And the saddest thing Our [dog] Blanka is gone! We had to put her out of pain she had cancer Blanka has lived with us for 12 years, she was a family member But it would have been egoistical of us to prolong her painful life for half a year more I hope theres a place somewhere where good dogs go

Books: I've recently read "The Touch" by Colleen McCullough - nice girlish book that sucks you in.
Movies: Really liked Changeling. Jolie is gorgeous! Ill leave "Valkyrie" without comments. Didnt really like it

Thats it for now, bye. Kisses on cheeks!

Yours ME

P.S. As for Volkodav and all your negativity about her lips...